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Unusual Course of the Reaction of Lawesson’s Reagent with β-Phosphoryl- β’-carbethoxyhydrazones: First Synthesis of 5-Mercapto-3-(methylthiophosphoryl) pyrazoles

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 5 ]


Emna Chebil and Soufiane Touil   Pages 320 - 324 ( 5 )


It is well known that Lawesson’s reagent (LR) reacts with hydrazone derivatives at 80 °C to yield 3-thioxo- 1,2,3-diazaphospholine derivatives. We show, in the present investigation, that the reaction of LR with β- phosphoryl-β’-carbethoxyhydrazones under the same conditions, took an entirely different course and gave a new type of pyrazole derivatives, the 5-mercapto-3-(methylthiophosphoryl)pyrazoles.


Hydrazones, Lawesson’s reagent, mercaptopyrazoles, pyrazoles, thiophosphorylpyrazoles, heterocyclic, agrochemistry, anticancer, antiviral, antimicrobial


Laboratory of Heteroatom Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerta, University of Carthage, 7021-Jarzouna, Tunisia.

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