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Synthetic Studies of Superstolide A: A Carbohydrate Based Synthesis of the C21-C26 Segment

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 8 ]


Rita Pal, Hasibur Rahaman, D. K. Mohapatra and Mukund K. Gurjar   Pages 657 - 660 ( 4 )


The synthesis of C21-C26 fragment of superstolide A, starting from D-glucose diacetonide, involving regioselective ring opening of epoxide by Grignard reagent and regioselective stereospecefic hydroboration oxidation has been described.


Superstolide A, Potent cytotoxic, Chiral pool, Regioselective epoxide opening, Stereoselective hydroborationoxidation, Carbohydrate, C21-C26, Grignard reagent, Neosiphonia superstes, polyketide, D-glucose diacetonide, hydroboration oxidation, tosylation, alcohol, epoxidation, benzyl ether, Cleavage, methanolic HCl, hydroxyl group, Oxidative cleavage, CuCN, PDC oxidation, selectively, Debenzylation, BBN, PMB, mesylation, azido, compound


Organic Chemistry Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune-411008, India.

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