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Symmetric SES- and Hybrid SEY-Pincer Complexes with Thioamide and Thiophosphoryl Coordinating Arms

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 8 ]


Irina L. Odinets, Diana V. Aleksanyan and Vladimir A. Kozlov   Pages 583 - 595 ( 13 )


The extension in the chemistry of pincer-type complexes over the last decade has led to the creation and detailed investigation of those bearing a wide range of donor coordinating groups fixed on a number of central cores. This review covers the synthesis, reactivity, application in catalysis, and photooptical properties of symmetrical SES-pincer complexes (E = C, N, P) having thiocarbamoyl or thiophosphoryl coordination groups and their nonsymmetrical (hybrid) S Y-analogues (Y = S, N) bearing either the combination of these groups or a combination of the P=S function with other donor functionalities.


Pincer ligands, pincer complexes, palladium, nickel, platinum, catalysis, luminescence, Thioamide, ligands, TON, TOF, dehydrogenation, reduction, dendrimers, biomarkers, SES ligands, cyclopalladation, Willgerodt-Kindler reaction, sodium acetate, LEDs, cycloplatination, Grignard reagent, DBU, MSA, macrocycle, Lawesson reagent, cyclometallation, pyridine, pyrrole ring, d-transition metals, transmetallation, lanthanides 39, desymmetrization, DMF, MC, MLCT, X-ray diffraction, NCO-complexes, hybrid


A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds, RAS, 28 Vavilova Street, Moscow 119991, Russian Federation, Russia.

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