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Hydrotalcite Anchored Ruthenium Catalyst for CO2 Hydrogenation Reaction


Vivek Srivastava*   Pages 1 - 13 ( 13 )


We developed a series of new hydrotalcite functionalized Ru catalytic system to synthesize formic acid via CO2 hydrogenation reaction. Advance analytical procedures like FTIR, N2 physisorption, ICP-OES, XPS, and TEM analysis were applied to understand the physiochemical nature of functionalized hydrotalcite materials. This well-analyzed system was used as catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation reaction (with and without ionic liquid medium). Ru metal containing functionalized hydrotalcite materials were found highly active catalysts for formic acid synthesis via hydrogenation reaction. The concern of catalyst stability was studied via catalysts leaching and recycling experiments. We recycled the ionic liquid mediated functionalized hydrotalcite catalytic system up to 8 runs without any significant loss of catalytic activity. Surprisingly, no sign of catalyst leaching was recorded during the catalyst recycling experiment.


Hydrotalcite, Ru metal, Carbon dioxide, Ionic Liquid, Formic acid


NIIT University, Basic Sciences-Chemistry, NH-8, Delhi Jaipur Higway

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