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WEB (Water Extract of Banana) in Azidation Reaction: An Efficient Protocol for the Synthesis of Aryl Azides

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 6 ]


Bishwajit Saikia*   Pages 503 - 507 ( 5 )


A green and efficient approach to aryl azides, in very short reaction times and excellent yields, has been developed via the reaction of arylboronic acids with sodium azide under CuI catalysis in neat Water Extract of Banana (WEB). The entire process provided compensations over conventional heating in that reactivity of the less reactive arylboronic acids was induced as well as the reaction time was reduced. We have described and permitted to have the first synthesis of aryl azides in natural feedstock extract WEB in the absence of organic co-solvents as well as external base, promoters/ additives, ligands and so on.


Arylboronic acids, aryl azides, Water Extract of Banana (WEB), sodium azide, copper iodide.


Department of Chemistry, Digboi College, Digboi-786171, Tinsukia, Assam

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