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A Concise Stereoselective Total Synthesis of (–) - Cephalosporolide D

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 6 ]


Yapuri Umanadh, Gudaparthi Omprakash and Narahari Srinivasareddy   Pages 424 - 428 ( 5 )


A concise stereoselective total synthesis of (-) - Cephalosporolide D, an eight membered lactone ring has been derived from low cost and easily available starting material (±)-propylene epoxide. The key steps involved in this concise synthesis are Sharpless kinetic resolution, Grignard reaction and Yamaguchi macrolactonisation.


(±)-propylene epoxide, sharpless kinetic resolution, yamaguchi macrolactonisation, stereoselective synthesis and (-) - cephalosporolide D.


R&D Division, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dholka, Ahmedabad-387 810, Gujarat, India.

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