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Efficient Alcohol Oxidation Reaction Catalyzed by a Cobalt (II) and an Iron (III) Complexes Containing DPEPhos Ligand using H2O2 as Oxidant

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 9 ]


Debojeet Sahu, Biplab Banik, Malabika Borah and Pankaj Das   Pages 671 - 676 ( 6 )


We have investigated the catalytic activities of a cobalt(II) complex, [CoCl22-P,P-DPEphos)](1), and an iron(III) complex, [FeCl3 1-P-DPEphos)(η 2-P,P-DPEphos)](2), [DPEphos = bis[2-(diphenylphosphino)-phenyl]ether] for alcohol oxidation reaction. Under the same set of experimental conditions, the iron complex 2 exhibits superior results over its cobalt counterpart 1. With the iron complex 2, a broad range of alcohols including benzyl alcohols, cinnamyl alcohol, aliphatic alcohol, etc. are efficiently oxidized to corresponding aldehydes or ketones using H2O2 as oxidant, at a low loading of catalyst (0.2 mol %), in a base free environment.


Air, alcohol oxidation, cobalt (II), DPEphos, H2O2, iron (III).


Department of Chemistry, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh, Itanagar-791112, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

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