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Rapid and Efficient Synthesis of N-alkylbenzamides Under Microwave Irradiation

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 2 ]


Jan K. Cermak, Karel Kolar and Vladimir Cirkva   Pages 126 - 130 ( 5 )


The microwave-assisted synthesis of N-alkylbenzamides from benzoic acid and primary aliphatic amines has been developed under solvent-free conditions. The different solid catalysts have been investigated. The suggested synthesis is environmentally friendly and excellent yields (97 - 99 %) have been reached.


Amino-de-hydroxylation, heterogenous catalyst, microporous materials, microwave assisted synthesis, Nalkylbenzamides, solvent-free reaction


Environmental Process Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the ASCR, Rozvojova 135, 165 02 Prague, Czech Republic.

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